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Name:  He Huang

Professional Title:  Associated professor

Research Area:  Human Resource Management


Huang He is an associated professor of management at Management School, Hangzhou Dianzi University. She was born in 1976.During 2013, she did research, as a visiting scholar in Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in the United States. Her research areas include human resource management, and organizational behaviors. She serves many companies as a consultant and trainer, such as State Grid, Huadian Group, Agricultural Bank of china, etc.

Research Projects

1. A comparative study of occupation education between Zhejiang province and Taiwan supported by Taiwan Affair Office of Zhejiang province. (project director)

2.Research on Zhejiang province innovation talent aggregation mode supported by Zhejiang Planning Office of Social Sciences. (project director)

3.Zhejiang province colleges and universities teachers' salary survey supported by Zhejiang Social Sciences Federation. (project director)

4. Research on psychological contract of scientific research team construction supported by Zhejiang province department of education. (project director)

5.Study on the compensation incentive mechanism of College Teachers in Zhejiang Province supported by Zhejiang Planning Office of Social Sciences.


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Huang, He& Ma, X. (2008). Human Resource Management Issues in Small and Medium Professional Service Firms in China. The 4th International Conference on Wireless Communication, Networking and Mobile Computing.

Huang, He (2007). Research on Psychological Contract of Scientific Research Team Construction. Modern Education Science (4).

Huang, He (2007). Human Resource Management Based on Psychological Contract. Economic Tribune (2).

Huang, He (2007). Human Resource Management Under the Background of Informationization. HLJ Foreign Economic Relations & Trade(3).


*  Human Resource Management

*  Organizational behaviors

*  Psychology, Behavior and Management

*  Labor Relationship and Labor Policy