350vip浦京集团:Lou Xiaoling

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Name: Xiaoling Lou

Professional Title: Lecturer

Research Area: Financial Sociology

                          Economic Sociology


Her research field are Financial risk, Risk formation mechanism, Risk assessment and forewarning, Risk diffusion, Game strategy, Risk immunization, Risk administration and management.She teaches human Resource Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior. Her working experience: 3 years worked in American corporate , 2 years worked in Chinese National High-tech enterprise. 12 years of business manager training experience. Worked in the School of Management of Hangzhou Dianzi University since 2004.


Zhejiang Normal University-A.B.,1998

Sun Yat-Sen University-A.M.,2001

Sun Yat-Sen University-Ph.D.,2019

Research Projects

Study on Dynamic Diffusion and Immune Intervention of Stock Market Risk in Complex Networks. Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation of 2019. (Project No.:  LY19G010008)


1.Doctoral Dissertation: Complex Network, Stock Option Incentive and Corporate Performance                      

2. Academic Publication: How risk of stock market diffuse dynamically across complex networks, from collective behavior perspective. Journal of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, May 2019.


*  Human Resource Management

*  Leadership

*  Organizational Behavior