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Name: Lihui Lv   

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research Area: Business administration  

                          Tourism management 



The research field is in business administration and tourism management. Teaching courses are public relations, tourism management, business etiquette, marketing and so on. More than 30 papers are published in CSSCI and other journals as an independent or first author, over 20 projects are completed as a responsible person or participant. Been awarded the second prize of outstanding achievements in scientific research by Zhejiang Provincial Education Department. The research report was instructed by the deputy provincial leader. One of the works is the research results of the National Publishing Fund project.  


Research Projects

1. Project name:  Research on B&B Economy in Zhejiang Province

Source: Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation of China under Grant No. 17NDJC060YB

Date: Jan.2016 – Jun.2019

2. Project name:  Research on Stakeholder of Ancient Town of Tourism Resource Protection in Zhejiang Province.

Source: Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. LY14D010010

Date: Jan.2014 – Dec.2016

3. Project name: The Hangzhou Model of Protection and Utilization of The Grant Canal  

Source: Hangzhou Garden Cultural Relics Bureau, Zhejiang Province.

Date: May.2016 – Jan.2017

4. Project name: A study on the function of Buddhist Cultural Tourism: an empirical Analysis based on Hangzhou Buddhist Cultural Tourism

Source: Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation of China under Grant No. 11JCGL02YB

Date: Jun.2011 –Dec.2013


1. Lihui Lv, Ying Chen, 2016. Empirical Study on the Influence Factors of User Initial Trust in Travel Reservation Application. Seeker, 290(10):112-117.

2. Lihui Lv, Ying Chen, 2016. Empirical Analysis on Satisfaction Degree of tourists in Cultural Heritage Sites in China-Taking Ancient Town of Xitang in Zhejiang Province as an Example. Productivity Research, 290(9):81-85.

3. Lihui Lv. 2015. A Study on the Impact of Ancient Town Tourism Image on Tourists’ After-Sale Behavior-A Case Study of Nanxun. Social Science Front, 246(12):63-67.

4. Lihui Lv, Xiangyuan Ma, 2015. A Research on the Information Communication Mechanism of Postgraduate Teaching Supervison. Journal of Hangzhou Dianzi University (Social Sciences), 11(5):62-66.

5. Lihui Lv, Qi Lu, 2014.  Empirical Research on the Definition and Classification of Stakeholder in World Cultural Heritage Site. Social Sciences in Heilongjiang,  147(6):67-71.

6. Lihui Lv,Yuping Wang,2017.Research on The impact of Tourist's Behavior Intention Based on Awe Emotion. World Regional studies.26(6):131-142.

7. Lihui Lv,Yuping Wang,2017.Empirical Research on Influencing Factors of the Users' Continuance Intention of the Mobile Travel Coupon. Dongyue Tribune, 275(5):147-152.



*  Tourism Management

*   Public Relations

*   Marketing 

*   Business Etiquette