350vip浦京集团:Shen Enping

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Name:Shen Enping

Professional Title:professor

Research Area:Knowledge  Management


Shen Enping, male, professor, doctor, business management discipline.graduated from the School of Management of Zhejiang University with a doctorate in 2006. He was awarded the second prize for scientific research achievements in Zhejiang Province in 2007 and the third prize for outstanding achievements in philosophy and Social Sciences in Zhejiang Province in 2009.

Research Projects

(1)Research on the Interaction between Enterprise Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning and the Mechanism of Promoting Core Competence(09BTQ024). General Projects of the National Social Science Fund.2009-2015

(2)Research on the Relevance of Technical Knowledge Characteristics, Integration, Knowledge Energy and Organizational Learning to Inter-firm Cooperative Innovation Ability(LY12G01002). Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation,2012-2016


1. Shen Enping. Enterprise Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning[M]. Zhejiang University Press,2017

2. Shen Enping. Corporate Migration Behavior under Financial Crisis [M]. Zhejiang University Press

3. Shen Enping. Corporate Community and Firm Behavior  [M]. Zhejiang University Press,2006

Shenenping. Empirical Analysis of Enterprise Knowledge Management  [M]. Zhejiang University Press,2008

4. Shen Enping, Ma Fengying.Research on the Impact of Social Media on Knowledge Sharing [J]. Information Theory and Practice,2018(3)

5. Shen Enping, Bao Gongmin, Ju Fanghui.Overseas Rebuilding of Existing Supply Relations between Manufacturers and Outward Moving of Production Bases [J]. China's Industrial Economy,2005(3)



*  Capital operation theory and practice

*  Asset valuation

*  Project investment and management

*  Comparative management, etc.