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Name: Yunhong Shen

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research Area: SME




Professor Yunhong Shen is a Master Supervisor at School of Management, HDU. He obtained his Ph. D in Management and Master Degree in Engineering Science. He held a visiting professor position at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) from 2011 until 2012 and is currently liaison for IQP project of WPI (2014- ). His primary research areas are SME and entrepreneurship. He has published more than 30 research papers and 3 books. He teaches various courses for undergraduates, graduates, MBAs, international students and executives. Professor Shen has rich multi-industry experience in business operation and consulting. Prior to joining HDU, he worked as a manager in a Fortune Global 500 company for 10 years. Professor Shen also has some professional affiliations, such as specialist in China SME Development, Technological Expert of Zhejiang Province, Government Procurement Expert of Zhejiang Province, mentor in several national incubators, and judge for national and provincial entrepreneurial competitions.


Research Projects

1. Ecological Upgrading of Traditional Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Industry and Its Advance Mechanism under the Background of Industrial Internet, 17BJY072,National Social Science Foundation, 2017-2020,the project leader.  

2. Research on the Evolution Mechanism and Countermeasures of Facilitating Traditional SME Clusters into Innovative Clusters in Zhejiang Province under the Information Background, 2017C35025,Soft Science Research Project for Zhejiang Science and Technology Program, 2017-2018,the project leader.  

3. Implementation Survey and Countermeasure Research of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Small and Micro Enterprises in Hangzhou, 20160834M10, Soft Science Key Research Project for Hangzhou Science and Technology Program, 2016-2017, the project leader.  

4. Synergy Innovation Network Construction and Improvement Countermeasures of Independent Innovation Capability for SMEs in Endogenous Industrial Clusters, 13YJA630074, Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education, China,2013-2016, the project leader.  

5. Research on the Ecological Chain Optimization of Zhejiang Textile Industry, 2008C25039, Soft Science Key Project for Zhejiang Science and Technology Program, 2008-2009,the project leader.  



1. Yunhong Shen et al. Research on the Influence of Digital Economy Level on Industrial Structure Optimization and Upgrading of Manufacturing Industry [J]. Science and Technology Management Research, to be published.  

2. New Venture Creation [M]. Translated by Hansong Pu, Xiaobing Xu, and Yunhong Shen et al. China Renmin University Press, 2017.  

3. Yunhong Shen. Research on the Ecological Operation and Evolution Mechanism of SME Network Organization [M]. Economic Science Press, 2013.

4. Yunhong Shen. Research on the Structural Evolution and Efficiency Improvement of S-NetOrg[C]. Proceedings of 2008 International Congress on System Management, 2008.  

5. Hengshan Wang, Ping Yang, Yunhong Shen. Research on the Entrepreneurial Success Factors for SMEs [M]. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press, 2008.

6. Yunhong Shen et al. Domestic and International Researches on Network Organization and Its New Progress [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2007, (3):198-200.

7. Yunhong Shen et al. Entrepreneurial Choices: The Key to Improve the Success Rate of Small and Medium-sized Technological Enterprises [J]. Commercial Research, 2006, (11): 17-21.

8. Yunhong Shen et al. The Analysis of Stability and Its Efficiency for SME Innovation Network [J]. Studies in Science of Science, 2006, (8):300-303.

9. Yunhong Shen et al. Research on the Strategic Choices Between SMEs and LEs[J]. Journal of Systems & Management, 2006, (5): 417-420.

10. Yunhong Shen et al. Life Cycle Theory and Dynamic Development Choices of Hi-tech SMEs[J]. Science of Science and Management of S. & T., 2005, (11):146-149.



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