350vip浦京集团:Wang Qian

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Name: Wang Qian

Professional Title: Lecturer

Research Area: Organizational Behavior




PhD, The school of Management, University of Science and Technology of China, 2009-2014;

BA, The school of Management, Anhui University of Finance & Economics, 2005-2009;  


Postdoctoral researcher in University of Science and Technology of China,2014-2016;

Lecturer in Hangzhou Dianzi University,2016-


Research Projects

1."The Influence of College Students' Socialization Tactics on  

Career Growth under the Effect of Core Self-Evaluations",Project supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang poince.

2.《The impact of Organizational and individual socialization tactics on employees'career growth: A Longitudinal Study》,Project supported by the China's Post-doctoral Science Fund.  

3. Several consulting projects for some local government.  



1.Wang Q, Weng Q, McElroy J C, et al. Organizational career growth and subsequent voice behavior: The role of affective commitment and gender[J]. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2014, 84(3): 431-441.

2. Huang Youli, Wang Qian, Liu Zhiying. Comparison on the Impact of Two Types of R&D Funds on Innovative Outputs in the Industry-University System[J]. Journal of Advanced Management Science, 2014, 2(2): 96-101.

3. Yang, Y., Hong, S., Hong, J., Zhao, D. and Wang, Q. (2015) Technology Policy, Firm Strategy and Innovation Performance in Chinese ASM. 2015 POMS 26th Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. May 8-11, 2015.  

4. Hong, S., Hong, J., Zhao, D. and Wang, Q. (2015) An Co-evolutionary view of RIS Based upon Complex Adaptive System Theory: a Case Study from China, The 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM),Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August 7-11, 2015.



*  Human resource

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