350vip浦京集团:Yan Shuai

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Name: Shuai Yan                                     

Professional Title: Lecturer

Research Area: Enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship



Shuai Yan, Born in zibo city, Shandong province. She received the PhD in Management from Hohai University, China. She was a Visiting Scholar at Kentucky University in 2012. Her current research interests mainly focus on business models and technological innovation.


Research Projects

[1]Zhejiang province philosophy and social sciences planning project, 19NDQN299YB, research on the realization mechanism and promotion strategy of business model innovation of entrepreneurial enterprises under resource constraints, 2018/06-2021/06.

[2] Zhejiang hangdian humanities and social sciences research fund project, research on the adaptive evolution mechanism and control of collaborative innovation of small and medium-sized enterprise research consortium, 2015B010.

[3]Funded by zhejiang social science federation, research on collaborative innovation and adaptive development of research commonwealth of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China, 2015N009.

[4]Key research base of humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities of zhejiang province, research on driving effect of innovation on competitiveness of industrial clusters, ZD02-201403.



[1] influence of cross-border behavior of executive team on business model innovation: intermediary role of entrepreneurship orientation, technological progress and strategy, 2019 (1) ,1/3

[2]Exploring the effects of normative factors and perceived behavioral control on individual’s energy-saving intention: An empirical study in eastern China, Resources, Conservation & Recycling,2018(3),91-99,3/3

[3]Exploring the interaction effects of norms and attitudes on green travel intention: An empirical study in eastern China, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION,2018(10):1317-1327,4/4

[4]executive team behavior integration, cross-border search and business model innovation, scientific research management,2018(12),37-44,3/3

[6] influence of behavior integration of senior management team on business model innovation, technical economics, 2017,36 (7), 9-13,3/3

[7] research on the impact of intellectual capital on knowledge innovation performance in knowledge-based enterprises, people's publishing press, April 2017,1/2

[8] research on the development and evolution of industrial structure driven by innovation in research consortium, science and technology progress and countermeasures, 2015 (15) : 53-58, 1/2

[9] political and economic thinking on the track of China's economic development, exploration of economic issues, 2014 (03) : 22-27,2/2

[10] financial support and policy orientation for the development of strategic emerging industries, discussion on modern economy, 2013 (1) : 60-63,2/2

[11]empirical study on the interactive development of trade circulation scale and economic growth, commercial economics research, 2017 (2) : 5-7,2/2

[12]research on the influence of intellectual capital on knowledge innovation performance in knowledge-based enterprises:the intermediary role of organizational learning ability, quest, 2011 (09) : 84-86,2/2

[13] development mechanism of competitive enterprises driven by joint innovation platform, Hangzhou dianzi university journal, 2018 (1), 30-34, 1/2

[14] research on collaborative innovation of industrial chain under modular division of labor, Hangzhou dianzi university journal, 2015 (06) : 30-36,1/1  

[15] driving effect of RJVs, intellectual property publishing press, January 2013,4/4

[16] industrial chain principal-agent dynamic incentive model driven by RJVs, statistics and decision, 2010 (21) : 64-66,1/2



*  Technical economics

*  Business model management