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Name:Xiaobing Xu

Professional Title:Assistant Professor

Research Area:Industrial Cluster






07/2008—, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Assistant Professor  

07/1999—07/2001,Budget Department,No.1 Construction Branch, China National Petroleum Corporation


09/2004—07/2008, Tongji University,Shanghai, PhD

Majored in Business Administration

Exchange study in Ilmenau Technology University, Germany, from 09/2007 to 01/2008

09/2001—07/2004, Shanghai Science and Technology University,Shanghai,M.A

Majored in Business Administration

09/1995—07/1999,Southwest Petroleum University,Chengdu,B.S

Majored in Management Engineering

Other experience

Organized 4 times of Sino-German advanced manufacture and management forum

Teaching management for MBA Center

Studied and exchanged in universities of Germany and USA


Research Projects

1.Upgrading of Hangzhou’s Economics (2016-217)

Process and Factors of Interactive innovation between Multinational Corporation and Local Enterprise(2012-2015)

2.The R&D and its Effect of the Transnational Corporate in Zhejiang Province(2011)

Upgrading of Zhejiang’s Traditional Industrial Cluster  (2011) Intention of Relocation of the Enterprises in Zhejiang Traditional Industrial Cluster(2010)



Xiaobing Xu, Citizen’s Awareness of policy about electric price and the causal factors-based on the data of CGSS201, Productivity research, 2019,3.

Xiaobing Xu, Challenges ,problems of manufacture sector of Hangzhou , Productivity research, 2018,10.

Xiaobing Xu, status quota of culture and creativity sector of Hangzhou, Productivity research, 2017,3.

(Translation )The first class of entrepreneurship, Renmin university press,2017,2.

Xiaobing Xu, Position of Bilingual teaching of Marketing in Chinese universities, Huazhang, 2013.

Xiaobing Xu , Upgrading of traditional industrial cluster, The 2nd  ICEE, 2012.

Xiaobing Xu,Hecheng Wang, Research report for the development Road for the traditional industrial cluster in Zhengjiang,2011.

Xiaobing Xu, Approach to choose the dominant sectors for the high-tech park, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2010 .

Xiaobing Xu, Exploration of the setbacks in the road of High-Tech parks’ development. China science and technology fortune, 2010.2:30-32.

Xiaobing Xu, Direction of dominant industries in less – developed High-Tech Parks. China science and technology fortune, 2010.4: 36-41.



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*  Marketing Channel

*  Management

*  Labor Economics