350vip浦京集团:Yu Caixia

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Name: Caixia Yu

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research Area:  knowledge management  



My name is Yu Caixia, a woman of Han nationality. I was born in September 1978. My native place is Anlu city in Hubei province. I got my PhD in Information Management from Wuhan University of China. I am an associate professor at Management Department in Hangzhou Dianzi University. I have been teaching in Hangzhou Dianzi University for 12 years. And now I am engaged in research work in the field of emergency information management.


Research Projects

[1]Responsible for the project “Research on evolution mechanism of emergency network opinion based on multi-agent simulation in new media environment” supported by Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation. (Project No. LQ16G030010)

[2]Responsible for the project “Research on evolution law and guidance strategy of emergency network opinion in Zhejiang Province under self-media environment” supported by Major Humanities and Social Sciences Projects in Colleges and Universities of Zhejiang Province. (Project No. 2016QN017)

[3]Responsible for the project “The study of influence that the knowledge-based service industry collaborative innovation network effects on service innovation performance in Zhejiang Province” supported by Zhejiang Social Science Fund. (Project No. 14NDJC023YB)

[4]Responsible for the project “The service mechanism research on the knowledge services customer in a cloud environment in Zhejiang Province as an example ” supported by Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles, 2013. (Project No. 2013N132)



[1] Caixia Yu. Research on supply and demand mechanism of enterprise information resources [M]. Economic Science Press, 2011,10.

[2] Caixia Yu, Ye Yao. Explore and analyse on transmission security strategy of electronic records based on invisible watermarking [J]. Archives Science Bulletin.2019(1):40-46

[3] Caixia Yu, Ye Yao. Research on access control in electronic records security based on multilevel security encryption [J]. Archives Science Bulletin. 2017(2):58-63.

[4] Ye Yao, Caixia Yu, Li Yang and Chinchen Chang. Computer-aided annotation for video tampering dataset of forensic research[J]. Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, 2018,9(3):768-774.

[5] Caixia Yu. A Study of marketing promotion of enterprises information resources based on demand orientation [J]. Journal of Intelligence, 2012(2):183-188.



*  Management

*  Project management 

*  High-tech enterprise management

*  Entrepreneurial base

*  Modern economic management foundation, etc.