350vip浦京集团:Cao Yuanyuan

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Name: Cao Yuanyuan

Professional Title: lecturer

Research Area: E-commerce                                                

                         User Experience

                         Human-Computer Interaction

                         User Acceptance/ Continuance Behavior

                         Internet Information Service


Cao Yuan Yuan is a lecturer at School of Management, Hangzhou Dianzi University. She was awarded her PhD in Management from Tongji University, China. She is a visiting scholar of National University of Singapore. Her research extends into information management, user experience and e-commerce. human-computer interaction, user acceptance/ continuance behavior, internet information service.

Research Projects

[1] 2017/06-2020/12 Research on the evaluation of senior social network information service and experience optimization(17CTQ027), National Fund for Philosophy and Social Sciences, Project Leader.  

[2] 2017/01-2018/01 Research on Dynamic Evolution Mechanism of Mooc Users' Continuous Learning Behavior from the Perspective of Experience(2017SCG004), Zhejiang Education Science Planning Project, Project Lead.

[3] 2016/01-2018/12 Research on the formation mechanism of consumers' continuous patronage intention in the social business environment-based on the perspective of emotional attachment (LQ16G020007), Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, Project Leader.  

[4] 2016/01-2017/12 Research on the driving relationship between continuous using behavior and socialized e-commerce platform user experience (ZD03-201602), Key Research Base of Zhejiang University Humanities and Social Sciences, Project Leader.

[5] 2016/06-2017/06 Research on the Dynamic Evolution Law of the Continuous Use Behavior of College Students in Network Teaching Platform-Taking Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology as an Example(YB201609), Higher Education Research Project of Hangzhou Dianzi University, Project Leader.

[6] 2014/10-2017/10 Research on driving relationship between B2C E-commerce overall user experience and customer patronage intention based on SOR model (14XXHJD03YB), Zhejiang Research Center for Informatization and Economic Social Development, Project Leader.

[7] 2014/03-2015/03 Research on the driving relationship between B2C mobile E-commerce overall user experience and customer loyalty(ZD04-2014ZB3), Key Research Base of Zhejiang University Humanities and Social Sciences, Project Leader.  


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*  Web Application Development Technology

*  Electronic Commerce

*  Principle of CRM System

*  Customer Relationship Management