350vip浦京集团:Zhang Rui

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Name: Rui Zhang                 

Professional Title: Associate Professor
Research Area: Information management and evaluation  

Zhang Rui is an associate Professor in School of Management, Hangzhou Dianzi University. She got her PHD degree from Wuhan University in 2006. she was a postdoctoral fellow in School of Public Management, Zhejiang University and was a visiting scholar in School of Computing and Information, Indiana University, USA. She is the person in charge of confidentiality management major.

Research Projects
1.Research on the Impact of Resource Integration on Enterprise Performance in New Ventures Based on Resource View, Provincial philosophy and social science project

2.Research on the synergy innovation ability of interdisciplinary research organizations in Universities in Zhejiang Province.Research project of Educational Science Planning in Zhejiang Province

1.On Interdisciplinary Ability Training Strategies of Security Management Majors.Journal of Hangzhou Dianzi University(Social Sciences). 2017,13(04),75-78

2.Survey and Analysis of the Output of University Affiliated Think Tanks in China. Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University2017,(10)

3.On the comparison of university ranking in China and U. S. Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, (10): 18-21, 2012

4. On the meaning and problems of university ranking in China, Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University,(11): 160-164,2010

5.The comparison of university ranking domestic and abroad. Hanghzou: Zhejiang University Press, 2008


*  Management( for Chinese students and international students)

*  Project management( for Chinese students and international students)

*  Competitive Intelligence Analysis

*  Knowledge Management