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Name: Junjun LI                           

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research Area: User behavior

                          Information management


Junjun LI, associate professor at School of Management in Hangzhou Dianzi University. She got her PhD in Information Management from Nanjing University in China. Her main research fields are information management, user experience and user behavior. She has taught a number of professional courses, such as "website planning and design", "introduction of electronic commerce" and so on. She has published more than 30 papers in the core and above periodicals at home and abroad, and has chaired 3 national,provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and 3 local level research projects.

Research Projects

1.Leader of the project “User acceptance behavior and quality evaluation of network information service in the perspective of experience” supported by National Social Science Fund of China, 2014. (Project No.14CTQ024)

2.Leader of the project “Empirical research on user experience, cognition and adoption behavior of C2C e-commerce platform” supported by Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education of China, 2012. (Project No. 12YJC630095)

3.Leader of the project “Research on the public acceptance behavior of G2C e-government portal from the perspective of experience -- a case study of Zhejiang ” supported by Zhejiang Social Science Fund, 2011. (Project No. 11JCGL22YB)


1.Research on the Mechanism of User Experience on Web Site Adoption Behavior. Journal of Hangzhou Dianzi University(Social Science Edition), 2016, 12 (1): 18-23  

2.Dynamic Behavior Model and Empirical Study of Mobile Digital Reading User Experience. Modern Intelligence, 2019,39(3): 25-34,149         

3.User Behavior Model and Empirical Research Based on Experience Process. Information Science, 2019,37(4):44-51

4.Empirical Study on Public Adoption Behavior of E-Government Portal Based on User Experience. Modern Information, 2015, 35(12):25-30          

5.The relationship between the overall user experience of e-commerce and customer patronage intention. Journal of Hangzhou Dianzi University (Social Science Edition), 2017, 13 (3): 22-27      

6.Research on User Continuous Use Behavior in the Post-adoption Stage of SNS - Based on the Integrated Model of Emotional Attachment and ECM-IS. Modern Intelligence, 2016,36(10): 81-88  

7.Empirical Study on Academic Search Satisfaction of Mobile Internet Users. Information Science, 2018,36(10): 58-63,115

8.Feature extraction of adolescent users'loss anxiety in mobile social media environment. Library and information work, 2018, 62 (17): 96-103    

9.Development and application of the Mobile Social Media Loss Anxiety Scale for College Students. Library and Information Work, 2019, 63 (5): 110-118

10.Junjun LI. User Acceptance of Electronic Commerce -- Theoretical and Empirical Research [M]. Economic Science Press, 2010,8.

11.Junjun LI. An Empirical Study of Consumer Acceptance of E-commerce Website[J]. WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies,2014,46(1):227-233.


*  Website Planning and Design

*  Introduction of Electronic Commerce