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Name: Qian Shang                               

Professional Title: Associate

ProfessorResearch Area: Consumer Psychology  


Qian Shang, Ph.D., associate professor, mainly engaged in scientific research in the field of consumer psychology. Prof. Shang presided a number of projects such as National Natural Science Foundation, published a series of research results in international and domestic academic journals such as Frontiers in Neuroscience, Neuroscience Letters and Experimental Brain Research. She has won many honors, such as the Hangzhou Dianzi University first prize of Microlesson and Hangzhou Dianzi University excellent faculty honor.

Research Projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Consumer's emotional perception and impulse purchase on artificial holiday in online shopping: Study of Neuromarketing, 2017-2019

[2] Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of the Ministry of Education of China, The Impact of Brand Name Imitation on Consumer Emotional Perception and Purchase Decision: Neuromarketing method, 2015-2017

[3] Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, The influence of e-shopping interface in disordering layout on consumer's emotional perception and impulse buying: Neuromarketing method, 2016-2018

[4] Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project of Zhejiang Province, The impact of APP disorder on consumer emotional experience and impulse purchase: Neuromarketing method, 2015-2017


[1] Jin, Jia, Qian Shang, Qingguo Ma. "The role of appearance attractiveness and loan amount in peer-to-peer lending: Evidence from event-related potentials." Neuroscience letters, 692 (2019): 10-15.  

[2] Qian Shang, Guanxiong Pei, Jia Jin, Wuke Zhang, Yuran Wang, Xiaoyi Wang. ERP evidence for consumer evaluation of copycat brands[J]. PLoS ONE, 2018,13(2): e0191475

[3] Qian Shang, Guanxiong Pei, Shenyi Dai and Xiaoyi Wang. Logo Effects on Brand Extension Evaluations from the Electrophysiological Perspective [J]. Frontiers in Neuroscience,2017, 11:113

[4] Qian Shang, Guanxiong Pei, Jia Jin. My friends have a word for it: Event-related potentials evidence of how social risk inhibits purchase intention[J]. Neuroscience Letters, 2017, 643, 70–75

[5] Yujing Huang,Qian Shang, Shenyi Dai,Qingguo Ma. Dread of uncertain pain: An event-related potential study [J]. Plos One, 2017, 12(8): e0182489. (SCI)

[6] Qian Shang, Huijian Fu, Wenwei Qiu, Qingguo Ma. Event-related lateralized readiness potential correlates of the emotion-priming Simon effect[J]. Experimental Brain Research, 2016, 234(8): 2123-2132.  

[7] Qian Shang, Yujing Huang, Qingguo Ma. Hazard levels of warning signal words modulate the inhibition of return effect: evidence from the event-related potential P300[J]. Experimental Brain Research, 2015, 233(9): 2645-2653   


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