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Name: Wang Yi

Professional Title: Lecturer

Research Area: OM, SCM management


Dr. Wang Yi is a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the HDU School of Management. His research interests include decision making and optimization under uncertainty in applications such as supply chain management and sustainability. He received his Bachelor and Doctoral degrees from Xi'an Jiaotong University. He has published many papers in journals such as <International Journal of Production Research>, <Sustainability>, <Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering> and <Computers & Industrial Engineering>. He has been visiting researcher in many oversea universities, such as the University of Nottingham, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of the Aegean, National University of Singapore.

Research Projects

1.Operation Management and Policy Suggestions for Green Agricultural Supply Chain——Based on the Perspective of Consumer Trust. Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Fund Project. 2019.

2.Inventory control strategy for system with multi-classes demand system. Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation Youth Project. 2015.


Published and accepted papers

3.Wang Y, Zhang S H, Zhou S X, Zhang Y. Anticipated Rationing Policy for Inventory Systems with Two Demand Classes and Backlogging [J]. International Journal of Production Research, 2019, Accepted.

4.Wang Y, Zhu Z, Chu F. Organic vs. non-organic food products: Credence and price competition [J]. Sustainability, 2017, 9(4): 545.

5.Wang Y, Sun L, Qu R, et al. Price and service competition with maintenance service bundling [J]. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 2015, 24(2): 168-189.

6.Wang Y, Zhang S H, Sun L. Anticipated rationing policy for two demand classes under service level constraints [J]. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2013, 65(2): 331-340.

Working papers

1.Wang Y, Zhang S H. Optimal Production and Inventory Rationing Policies with Selective-information Sharing and Two Demand Classes [J]. Under major revision by <European Journal of Operational Research>.

2.Wang Y, Zhang Y, Luo X. Production Control Policies in Capacitated Supply Chains with Pre-ordering Information Sharing [J]. Under 1st review by <International Journal of Production Research>.

3.Bounds and Heuristic Rationing Policies for Inventory System with Two Demand Classes. (In preparation)

4.Sustainable and optimal production with recoverable nature biological resources. (In preparation)


*  Operations Management

*  Engineering Economics

*  Production and Logistics Cost Management