350vip浦京集团:Ding Xianghai

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Name: Ding Xianghai                                  

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research Area: IE  


He received his Ph.D. degree from Zhejiang University in 2004, his Master's degree from Central South University in 2000, and his Bachelor's degree from Xiangtan University in 1994. He has taught at Hangzhou Dianzi University since 2004.

Research Projects

National Social Science Fund, 15BGL100, Study on the Influence of Urban Production Environment on the Flexible Employment of Labor Intensive Factory,2016.01-2018.12,200,000 yuan, end, manager.

Zhejiang Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation Key Project: Market Organization Mechanism of Industrial Information Sharing - Based on the Study of Zhejiang Polyester Industry. No. 08CGL003Z. 30,000 yuan, Rank: 1/5. Start and end time: 2008.7-2010.12.

Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation, LY13G010007, Research on Recognition, Mechanism and Simulation of Human-induced Quality Accidents in Autonomous Assembly Unit, 2013.7-2016.76 million yuan, in research, manager.

National Defense Basic Research projects: XXX Product Engineering Database Management Technology for Digital Factories. Number: funds: 5 million yuan, Rank: 2/10. Start and end time: 2011.01-2013.12.

National Defense Equipment Science Research Fund Project: Research on Basic Technology of Three-dimensional Process Design and Three-dimensional Marking for Digital Manufacturing. No. 9140A18010311D204. 250,000 yuan, Rank: 2/7. 2011.07-2013.07.


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*  Basic industrial engineering

*  Flexible assembly system planning

*  Foundations of Manufactring management