350vip浦京集团:Duan Xianming

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Name: Duan Xianming                         

Professional Title: Professor

Research Area: Environmental  


Post-doctoral, professor, was Vice-Dean of Forestry College of Jiangxi Agricultural University and Vice-Dean of School of Economics and Trade in 1996-2001,Mainly engaged in teaching and research of resources and environmental economics, resources and ecological environment management and other fields, served as the ninth and tenth Council members of China Quantitative Economics Association, the standing member of Environmental Economics Branch of China Society of Environmental Sciences, the standing member of Zhejiang Economic Association, and the standing member of Zhejiang Cyclic Economy Society. Director of Institute of Industrial Organization and Public Policy and Institute of Intelligent Enterprise Evaluation in Hangzhou Dianzi University.

Research Projects

He presided over two projects of the National Social Science Fund of China, two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and bidding research projects entrusted by the Zhejiang Provincial Government.


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[2] Zhang Yidan, Ge Chazhong, Duan Xianming, Longfeng. A Research on the Regional Differences in the Environmental Protection Tax Rates of China [J]. Taxation Research, 2019 (01): 25-31.

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[5] Weng Zhixiong, Ma Zhongyu, Zhu Bin, Cheng Cuiyun, Duan XianMing. Practical Innovation of the Thought of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets” in Zhejiang Province[J] Environmental Protection, 2018, 46 (09): 53-57.


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