350vip浦京集团:Cai Min

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Name: Min CAI                     

Professional Title: Associate Professor

Research Area: Factors Engineering

                          Digital Factory


Ms. Cai Min is a postdoctoral fellow, associate professor and Master's supervisor. She graduated from Zhejiang University in November 2002 with a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. From November 2002 to May 2005, she worked in postdoctoral research workstation of Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Futong Computer Software Co., Ltd.  She has participated in six National Natural Science Foundation projects and national defense projects, presided over and participated in a number of provincial and departmental scientific research projects and enterprise projects. She has published more than 30 papers in national first-class journals and core journals and compiled 6 books.

Research Projects

Course mode reform project of Human Factors Engineering

Implication of Digital Factory in Enterprise

Identification, mechanism and simulation research on the quality accident of human factors.

Research of Electronic Service Quality on Children's clothing online sales platform

Applications of E-commerce in Clothing Industry.

The development of zhejiang ShenJia clothing online sales system

The Garment Enterprises Supply Chain orders Collaborative commerce platform based on B/S Structure.

The development of Washing Product Data Analysis software in Zhejiang Jiamei Daily Chemical Co..

Research on the process of Effective Demand - Oriented Model-Driven Software Development.

The Integrated Workflow-Based Dynamic Enterprise Modeling Methods and Tools for System.


Study on the Physical Laborers' Job Rotation Model Based on Ergonomics, Chinese Journal of Ergonomics,2018

Research on Manual Assembly Processes Fatigue Optimization Based on EEG and Motion Analysis,Industrial Engineering and Management, 2016

The research for human factors engineering teaching mode based on hierarchical module, Chinese Journal of Ergonomics,2015

Digital Factory—Modeling, Implementation and Planning, Beijing: Science Press, 2014.5

Research on Workflow Process Modeling Based on UML Activity Diagram with Extended Timing Constraint, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, 2014.5,(EI)

Research on architecture of digital assembling system for complex product, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, 2013.11,(EI)

Theory in Human Factors Engineering Logistics Applications, Logistic Engineering and Management, 2013.8

The structure and model of the Process Planning Subsystem in digital factory based on knowledge grid.2011 3rd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering(ICISE). 2011-09-21


*  Human Factors Engineering

*  Digital Factory

*  Management Information System