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Name: Liu Guang    

Professional Title: Associate Professor  

Research Area: knowledge management

 Business model innovation

 Urban production



Liu Guang, male ,born in 1973 in Tai'an city of Shandong Province, Ph.D., associate professor. His research interests are knowledge and service management, business model innovation, urban production. He mainly undertakes “business model innovation and business ethics “, “production planning and control”, “statistics management methods and applications” and other courses. He has published more than 20 papers, and some of them are the first level periodicals such as “Science Research Management “and “Studies in Science of Science “. He presided over and participated in more than 10 projects, including the Humanities and Social Sciences project of the Education Ministry and the Natural Science Foundation Project of Zhejiang Province.

Research Projects

[1]Research on the influence of intelligent manufacturing system flexibility on its performance,

Supported by Zhejiang Provincial College of Humanities and Social Sciences Fund (ZD05-2016ZB1),2016/06-2017/06.(Leader)

Research on the Relevance of Technological Knowledge Characteristics, Integration, Knowledge Energy and Organizational Learning to Inter-firm Cooperative Innovation Ability, Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation(LY12G01002),2012/06-2014/12. (Main participant)

Research on Service Standardization Construction and Performance Management of Public Cultural Institutions, Subtopics (KYZ033812004)of Major National Social Science Projects (12&ZD020), 2012/05-2015/12. (Leader)

[4]Research on Service Work Structuralization and Its Impact on Productivity, Supported by Zhejiang Provincial College of Humanities and Social Sciences Fund (RWSKZD01-201203),


[5] Analysis of Service Work Structure and Its Role in Productivity, Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation(Y6110764),2011/06-2014/12.(Leader)

[6]Research on the Measurement of Service Work Structuralization, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project (09YJC630053),2009/09-2014/12.(Leader)

[7]Analysis of Knowledge Work Structure and Research on Its Function Mechanism to Productivity,National Natural Science Foundation of China (70771024),2008/01-2010/12.(Main participant)

[8]Analysis of Knowledge Dissemination and Internalization Mechanism Based on Organizational Characteristics,Doctoral dissertation project supported by Soft Science Research Fund of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (200618 ),2006/04-2007/07.(Leader)

[9]Research on the Theory of Knowledge Work Productivity Management and Its Realization in Chinese Enterprises,National Natural Science Foundation of China ( 70172030),2002/01-2004/12. (Main participant)



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[2]Guang Liu.The effects of KIBS normalization on productivity: Path mode and empirical test[J]. Studies in Science of Science, 2016,34(10): 1541-1549.

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*  Business Model innovation and business ethics

*  Production planning and control

*  Statistics management methods and applications