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Name: MAO Wei

Professional Title: Associate Professor

ResearchResearch Area: Logistics and Supply Chain Management


MAO Wei is a teacher in  Management School of Hangzhou Dianzi University,Female, Associate research fellow, Master's Supervisor, Ph.D. Degree in Transportation Planning and Management, Jilin university(2001.9-2004.6),Postdoctoral major in Agricultural Economic Management, Renmin University of China(2005.9-2008.6). The main research directions are: logistics and supply chain management. More than 30 papers and one monograph have been published. Presided over a number of topics  as China's Post Doctoral Fund, the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Planning  Fund, the Soft Science of  Zhejiang Province, Planning of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Zhejiang Province, and the Major Humanities and Social Sciences  Tackling Plan for Universities  of  Zhejiang.

Research Projects

Presiding over provincial and ministerial projects

1.China Postdoctoral Fund Project:China's food production enterprises adopt the cost-benefit and promotion model of the HACCP system.

2.Soft Science Project of Zhejiang Province :Research on the Construction of Food Safety Evaluation Index System Based on Supply Chain——Taking Zhejiang Province as an Example.

3.Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Planning  Fund:Research on Cost-benefit Analysis, Compensation Path of Aquaculture Producers, and Major Animal Disease Prevention and Control Policy.

4.Planning of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Zhejiang Province:Research on the Cost-benefit, Certification Willingness and Action Mode of Enterprises Adopting HACCP System——Based on Empirical Analysis of Zhejiang Province.

5.Soft Science Project of Zhejiang Province:Study on the Mode Selection and Implementation Path of Scale-up Culture in Zhejiang Province from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization.

6.Planning of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Zhejiang Province : Consumers' attention to food safety information, search and analysis of influencing factors——sampling from Hangzhou.

7.Soft Science Project of Zhejiang Province:Research on the Growth Mechanism and Policy Optimization of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Model of "Xing Chuang Tian Di" in Zhejiang Province.

8.Major Humanities and Social Sciences  Tackling Plan for Universities  of  Zhejiang:A New Generation of Zhejiang Urban and Rural Integration Development and Construction Sample Study: Measurement System, Typical Model and Promotion Strategy


Publish major works

[1]Mao Wei, Xie Lili.Research on Progressive Location Optimization of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on    ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Technology[J]. Logistics Technology,2019,(6):56-60.

[2]Mao Wei, Xu Chunli. Research on the Design of Waste Vehicle Reverse Recovery Network Based on EPR System[J].Logistics Sci-Tech, 2018, (12):50-53.

[3] Mao Wei, Wu Xiaodan, Xia Lijun. Under the Interactive Perspective: Research about the Willingness, Trust and Service Strategy of Consumers to Participate in Community Support Agriculture[J]. Agricultural Economy, 2017(11):10-12.

[4] Mao Wei, Xia Li-jun,Wu Hua-bin. Research on Food Safety Information Demand service and Information Security Policy[J]. Information Science, 2017,(4):133-137.

[5] Mao Wei, Xia Li-jun. Difficulties and Promotion Path of HACCP System in Small and Medium-sized Food Enterprises[J]. Productivity Research,2017(1):72-75.

[6]Mao Wei. Cost-benefit, Insurance, Compensation and Epidemic Prevention and Control Strategies Based on Aquaculture Producers[M]. Xidian University Press,2016,12.

[7] Mao Wei,WU Hua -bin. Waste Recycling Mode and Implementation Path of Large-scale Livestock and Poultry[J]. Chinese Journal of Animal Science, 2016, (6):71-74.

[8] Mao Wei. Research on Distribution Service Flow at the End of Online Book Purchase[J].Research on Library Science,2015(14):54-56.

[9] Mao Wei.Research on the Channels and Service Strategies of Aquaculture Farmers to Get Technical Information[J]. Research on Library Science,2013(24):66-67+14.

[10]Mao Wei.Research on the Implementation and Construction of Traceability System of Livestock and Poultry Products from the Perspective of Supply Chain[J]. Chinese Journal of Animal Science, 2013, (10):20-22+28.

[11]Mao Wei.Study on the Construction of Logistics Service System and Model Innovation of Animal Husbandry Exhibition[J].Chinese Journal of Animal Science,2012,(18):33-35.


Postgraduate courses:

*  Manufacturing and Logistics System Simulation

Undergraduate Course:

*  Modern Logistics Management

*  Purchasing and Supply Management

*  Warehousing Management and Inventory Control

*  Logistics and Supply Chain Management

*  Entrepreneurship Foundation

*  Entrepreneurial Operation Simulation