350vip浦京集团:Lu Hongjuan

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Name: LU Hongjuan   

Professional Title: Lecturer 

Research Area: Supply Chain 



1.2008-2011 Tianjin University Engineering       Doctor

2.2003-2006 Tianjin University Educational management   Master


Research Projects

1. Research on coordination and optimization of reverse recycling of waste electrical and electronic products based on the Internet of things. Participant

2. Research on the development path, mode and Countermeasures of rural mobile e-commerce in Hangzhou under the background of Internet +. Participant



1. Research on Collecting Strategies in the Closed-loop Supply Chain of Engine Remanufacturing.

2. Research on Remanufacturing Production Mode Based on Game Theory

3. Study on the Economic of Engine Remanufacturing Based on System Dynamo Model



*  Operational Research

*  Supply Chain Management

*  Intelligent logistics technology

*  Logistics Cost Management