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Professional Title: Professor
Research Area: Resources and Environment Economic

                         Industrialization and Policy Analysis 

                         Marketing Behavior and Stimulation



2011.10-2012.10: Postdoctoral,University of Kentucky, Agricultural Economic Department, Green (Environment) Economics. 2004.09-2007.09: Ph.D. major in Technical Economics and Management. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China; 2000.01-2001.12: M.B.A. Major in Business Management, Peking University, Peking, China; 1996.09-1999.07: Master of Management, Graduate candidate, major in Management Science and Engineering. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China; 1989.09-1993.07: Bachelor of Engineering, College candidate, major in machinery manufacture Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.


1. 2008.02-Present, Professor, School of Management, Hangzhou Dianzi University, On December, 2010, being moved up from an associate to a full professorship. Director of Technical Economic Department and Management.       

2. 2005-2008. Associate Professor, Associate department leader, College of Humanities, Xinjiang University, Urumqi, Xinjiang Province;      

3. 2000.11-2005.09: Lecturer, Xinjiang University, Urumqi, Xinjiang Province.     

4. 1993.07-2000.11: Assistant Engineer, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Chongqing Municipality.  


Research Projects

1)Zhang Ning(PI), “The Study on dilemma of Water Management Participation and its Stakeholders in China”, Granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China NSF(71203053),2013.1-2015.12.

2)Zhang Ning(PI), “The Study on Water Conservancy Management and its Efficiency Evaluation in Arid-region of China”, Granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China NSF(70663010),2006.11-2009.12.  

3)Zhang Ning(PI), “The Study on Water Conservancy Management and its stimulation system”, Granted by the Ministry of Education in social sciences Foundation of China(10YJC790382),2011.01-2012.12.  

4)Zhang Ning (PI), “The social participation mode of urban water informational management embedded the marketing mechanism”, Granted by the Zhejiang Social science Foundation of China(2016C25049), 2016.1-2017.12.  

5) Zhang Ning(PI), “ The Research of Urban Water System Management Mode and Incentive Policy ” Granted by Educational Commission of Zhejiang Province of China,2010.1-2012.1

6)Zhang Ning(PI), “The Study on Farmers Behavior in the Participatory Irrigation Management Mode in Arid-region of China.” Granted by the Foundation of Xinjiang Educational Committee, 2007.1-2009.12  

7)Zhang Ning(Co-PI). “The Study on Policy System of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction to Assure National Security —— How to Promote the Voluntary Approaches for Industrial Environmental Management”, Granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China (70941037),2009.11-2010.11.  

8) Zhang Ning(Co-PI).“The Study on Industrialization and Civilization Effecting to Water and Soil Resource Based on the CGE Mode”,Granted by Excellent Youth Foundation of Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation of China(R606316),2007.1-2009.12.

9)Zhang Ning(Co-PI).“The Study on Strategy of Promoting Green and Cyclic Economy Generalizing and Applying”, Granted by the Soft Science Research Program of Zhejiang Province (2010C25002), 2010.5-2011.9  

10) Others Research Works For Zhejiang Enterprise Consultants.  



1.  Publication Books

1) Zhang Ning, Dong Hongji. Marketing Dilemma and Outlet Choice of Water Conservancy Management in China, Zhejiang University Press, December 30th, 2015.

2) Zhang Ning. Study on government participation mode of Water Conservancy and its Management Efficiency Evaluation,China Social Sciences Press, July, 2009  

3) Cheng Tong, Zhang Ning et al. The research on socioeconomic benefit evaluation of resisting wind and snow woodland ecological environment in Laofengkou (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China) , Xinjiang People’s Press, Sept.2003  

2. Peer-reviewed journal papers (index by SSCI about lastly five years)  

Zhang Ning,Shi Ningning. Simulation and analysis of water resources changing on the regional economy in China based CGE model,East China Economic Management,2016(3).

Zhang Ning,Dong Hongji. Public participation behavior on the water conservancy management analysis and evaluation during the Japan rural reformation. Agricultural Economics of China, 2015(8).  

Zhang Ning, Wu Chunfeng. Participation and Government Reputation Loss in Water Conservancy Management: based on Game Theory, Technical economics & Management Research of China, 2014(2).  

Zhang Ning, Hong Kai. Regional Differences and Cluster Analysis of Water Management Efficiency in China, Journal of Hangzhou Dianzi University (Social Science) ,2013(12).  

Zhang Ning, Lu Wencong, Dong Hongji. Water Conservancy Management Efficiency Evaluation and Government Participation in China , Journal of natural resources (Cite By EI), China,2012(3).

Zhang Ning, Zhang Sheng. The Analysis of Elastic Demand in Urban Domestic Water Based on the Double Logarithm Model,Journal of Industrial Technology &Economic, Feb., 2010(3).  

Zhang Ning, Lu Wencong. The Analysis of Small Farmland Water Conservancy Management by farmers participatory behavior in Arid region of China, China Rural Water and Hydropower, Nov., 2006.  

Zhang Ning, Lu Wencong. Higher Quality of Labor and Its Effects to Logistics Productivity in China. Journal of Industry Economics, Feb.,2010  

Zhang Ning, Sun Yuxia, Lu Wencong. The Economic Analysis of Community Security Management Model in Cities and Towns, Technology Economics, Oct.,2012

Zhang Ning, Lu Wencong, Dong Hongji. The Model of Farmer Participation Based on the Pattern of Rural Water Conservancy Projects, Chinese Journal of Management Science, Vol(14),Nov., 2006  

Zhang Ning. The Research of Water Users Association developing pattern in Taiwan of China. Water Conservancy Science and Technology and Economy, July, 2010.  

Zhang Ning, Zhang Sheng. Calculation of Water Resource Price of Urban Household Based on the Fuzzy Mathematic Model, Journal of Hangzhou Dianzi University,December,2010(6).

Xi, Aiqin Zhang Ning. Land Reform in Russia and its Implications, Journal of Shandong Agricultural University (Social Science), Jul. 2006.  

Dong Hongji, Zhang Ning. The Incentive Mechanism of Water Projects Based on Government Participatory Management: Theoretical Model and Empirical Analysis, China Rural Water and Hydropower, Oct., 2011.  



1. College Students:  

*  Technical Economics

*  Management

*  Marketing Research  

2. International Students:  

*  Marketing Research

*  Management;

3. Graduated Students

*  Technical economics theory and analysis  

*  Risk management

*  Strategy Management