How to improve the overall benefit and efficiency of the system (called IE problem for short) is an important problem to be solved in industrial engineering. This major aims to cultivate professionals who can use engineering techniques to discover, analyze and solve IE problems and carry out integral optimization design of the operating system. Industrial engineering graduates are expected to achieve the following objectives:1, systematically master the methods and technologies of natural science, social science and modern management science, as well as the professional knowledge of intelligent production and intelligent logistics; 2, have strong interpersonal communication and teamwork ability, be able to undertake the operation and management of the department in enterprises and public institutions, and take the role of supervisor; 3, have perfect personality and good healthy, social responsibility and professional ethics, innovative spirit and lifelong learning ability and awareness; 4,be familiar with the guidelines, policies and regulations of economic construction and enterprise management, and have a strong ability to design, evaluate, improve and innovate manufacturing or service systems composed of persons, materials, equipments, energy and information by industrial engineering knowledge.